North Hill

North Hill is a clothing label from the North of Paris. The 3 Founders – Christophe, Michael and Zihad – settled in Montmartre, inspired by the vibe in this area of artists and rebels. They founded North Hill because they share Montmartre’s values of liberty and humanism. They created around this spirit a truthful brand, for people like us. 100% self-taught, they imagine and design their collections in their own workshop. The clothing, entirely made in Paris, is sold at a fair price which respects the customer as well as the manufacturer. The creations evoke the mixed northern neighborhood of Paris, and also honor artists, activists and freedom seekers from all over the world. They will give you more than fabric. They did put their vision, their beliefs in the clothing and this transcribes through unique and authentic pieces, with unmistakable style.
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13 years Geschwisterliebe X TATTI’s

  13 Years GESCHWISTERLIBE Boutique 13 years of love and passion for bringing new fashion to our beloved customers in stuttgart. We love the extraordinary and we’re supporting upcoming local and international brands. We like to show you our most liked labels and styles and give you the best deal, maybe just combining a simple white tee or some vintage items right makes a perfect & individual look.. only expensive and hyped was never our way, but giving you a place and the opportunity to create and find your unique style! Thanks for your support! Keep buying local To celebrate 13 years in the business and say thank you to our beloved customers, we decided to party a little.. Thank you TATTI Bar Thank You DJ Yota & Yaw
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Tolu & Hiklac

It has been 13 years now since Geschwisterliebe first opened its doors at the old location on ‚Alte Postr. 5‘. Since then we tried our best to bring you extraordinary styles and exciting fashion-labels to Stuttgart. In 2017 we wanted to go one step further by creating and designing our first own collection! It’s called TOLU & HIKLAC. The idea behind it is to create unique clothes in contrast to the growing number of international brands and stores that are available everywhere online and on the high street areas. We also wanted to design what we love, want to wear ourselves without having to wait a season until it gets delivered to the stores or might never made it there, because production minimums didn’t get achieved. At last it was just fun to transfer all those imressions we get on fashion fairs worldwide, on the streets in cities like tokyo, london, berlin and copenhagen all together with our own interpretation into something new – our own combination and mix of self-created styles and clothes. So all designs were made by us and were produced nearby in Reutlingen. The name actually came from the owners‘ two 4 year old daughters Sam and Joe- Tolu […]
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