It will come.

Like a (fashion) storm of styles and times, past and future, fast and furious!

The Vintage with the capital V, the one you should search for years – good news – we are going to bring directly here to you!

We are ready to welcome in Stuttgart one of the most important vintage brand, directly from the Swinging London 2016.

For this upcoming arrival of  „BLITZ“ in Geschwisterliebe,  we are super excited.

Let me tell you why:

* * BLITZ LONDON is the Europe’s biggest vintage store

* * BLITZ LONDON is the Time Out London’s best vintage shop

* * lists BLITZ LONDON in their top 10 things to do in London

* * BLITZ LONDON is over 20,000 unique, hand-selected pieces for Mens & Womens, Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

* * BLITZ LONDON is the best selected fashion across 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and millennial trends.

* * BLITZ LONDON’s clothes feature regularly in Dazed and Confused, Elle, Vogue, Glamour amongst many others.

Now, going to London is always a beautiful experience but going there just for shopping is a luxury that not everyone can effort.

But don’t worry, in few days you will have the possibility to find your perfect vintage piece/outfit directly here,

in Geschwisterliebe!

… oh yes, and that is much easier!

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