We already wrote about our Geschwisterliebe member Corinna and her beautiful fashion project, Maison Corinna Houidi. Since four years, she created an outright label focused so far in the realization of specific haute-couture pieces, such as the Fantôme – a hood – that is at the border between being a piece of clothing and an accessories, a concentrate of innovation and style, street spirit and sophisticated allure.

And it’s exactly this kind of particular and accurate attention to details and the will to experiment that brings her work on the edge of something that we can recognize as „art“, and that can match perfectly with the idea behind our „Geschwisterliebe meets art„: original design pieces, from different fields like fashion, architecture, painting and more – able to create new exchanges and mutual influences.

But Maison Corinna Houidi is not just about hoods, the same taste and research on the shape, the materials and the couture is also on the backpacks of the collection and – as you can see now on our window – is extending also in complete outfits such as dresseslong vest multi-layerstrousers and capes.

The installation in our windows is divided into three part: the first one is an overview on four couture outfits realized by Corinna along the last years and expressing at the best the concept of the Maison. Then we can admire a futuristic white suit with bronze details, the „Torino“ the long coat structured in different volumes and layers, a long dark cape with a coordinated hat, another trouser suit developed from the original idea of the hood and a short, simple dress turned in something special thanks to a original accessory braces-like, made by ropes, with a long open veil skirt attached on the back and reminding in its whole a parachute.

 The second part is an installation dedicated to Fantôme, the hoods masterpiece of the Maison here exposed in different colors and materials, in a variety of patterns and details that make this item a real unique piece.

Finally, the last window is a installation in three panels, each of them for an Alchemist, the backpack with the original raindrop shape, a mix of a variety of leather, as well as a mix of white, black, grey and beige colours.

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