#T A T T I a r o u n d t h e W O R L D

How was the world before T A T T I?

Or better… How was Stuttgart before the opening of Gian Paolo & Marco‘ s bar&cafè in the heart of the city?  

In less then 2 years, the temporary mall of Fluxus for sure has changed the young life style of the city centre, bringing a new lymph downtown.

The Calwer Passage has quickly become the melting-pot of people who love enjoying their spare time in a charming environment of boutiques and design stores; and above all, where it is possible to spend nice moments with friends from a cappuccino (a real one!) during the day, to an aperol spritz (a good one!).

And here comes T A T T I, a lovely place open from the morning until the evening, welcoming you in its cozy minimal interiors in white and wood, and as well in its sunny déhors, where enjoying the sunshine before move to the „dark room“, the second face of T A T T I, the back area for the dj evenings, always crowded.

As Geschwisterliebe was in Fluxus for one year with our temporary store, we had time enough to fall in love with      T A T T I and we are glad now to support the T-shirt project of our favorite cafe-bar, the  #TATTISHIRTALLOVERTHEWORLD !

“T A T T I shirts all over the world” is a serie of simple retrò white and grey T-shirts and sweatshirt, with blue, white or red writings, printed both on the front and the back with the name of the two founders, their specialities and the telephone number… 

All we need to spread out all over the world our best place in town!

Do you want become part of the crew? Come in Geschwisterliebe and get your t-shirt, wear it during one of your next trips and post your pic in the fb page of T A T T I with the ashtag #TATTISHIRTALLOVERTHEWORLD!

Never more without T A T T I ♥

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