Since the last twenty years Sessùn proposes women clothing collections really feminine and urban, declined in a palette of gentle tones and smooth shapes.

Sessùn brings in Geschwisterliebe a French touch with its style bohémien that comes from different inspirations gained from the travels around the world, from oriental memories to South America, in a balance between elegant and gipsy, characterized by soft colors and simple lines.

A brand that is, at the same time, really connected with its territory and that comes from the passion for the research and the beauty of its founder Emma François, from Marseille, where she’s still living, despite the presence of the brand nowadays  in Paris and other French cities (with flagship stores), and besides an international distribution also in Japan.

Always guaranteeing a local production as much as is possible, the 60% of the materials come from Italy and France, and the production is in Tunisia or Romania. The 100% of the accessories are from Europe. In this way the idea of delocalization gets more sense as from India come just certain types of cotton and the silk from China.

This concept of a responsible production is today synonymous of products of quality, together with a raffinate fashion interpretation and personal sense of style, which are the bases of the Sessùn philosophy.

The pieces that you can find in Geschwisterliebe for the Spring/Summer collection 2016 are chic jumpsuits in the color of the black and ocra – the long ones – and red, white and black for the short ones, all realized with extreme smooth fabrics (cottons or satin); then long dresses defined with chord belt on the waist and short dresses with nice details on the back and along their lines.

And suddenly we feel like in the French Riviera…


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