Dear Football lovers (and lovers-of-football-lovers)… here we are.

June is just behind the corner and the EUROPEANS 2016 are closer and closer. Are you ready for a worthy national support cheering?!

The German team has already galvanized our spirit by the good friendly matches it played so far, as the clamorous triumph 4-1 against Italy (sigh!).

Of course I don’t need to remember you the awaited appointment of the EUROPEANS 2016, as I guess a lot of you guys already booked unsuspiciously holiday in the early summer and tried to convince the (female) partner for a „romantic Tour de France“. Nice trick, we know.  And we are ready, too.

Especially now, that ADIDAS got a head start realizing European 2016 special edition T-shirts for men (size XL-L-M) and women (size XS-S-M), in a super stylish black&white for the german supporters. Or more traditional tanks in white, bounded with the national red, yellow and black colors .

Come in Geschwisterliebe as soon as you can to get your perfect ADIDAS outfit for cheering the German team!

Doesn’t matter if you will do it from the pub around the corner or on the stands of the Stade de France… the ADIDAS T-shirts are absolutely perfect wherever or whenever you want!

Besides that, now you can find in Geschwisterliebeshop and in our on-line store some of the new items of the ADIDAS spring/summer collection 2016 for both women and men: t-shirts, tanks, shorts, hoody and sweatshirts for enjoying the sporty life-style, with that special mix of vintage and avant-garde taste making ADIDAS so recognizable around the world.






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