Probably the name of this brand doesn’t say nothing to you. We came to discover it, too.

But for one time is not about a name, is about to find out the unquestionable preciosity and the artistic research beyond these pieces, mostly impalpable and cozy foulards.

Berlin-based designer and architect Frauke Blasy works with high quality fabric to create the exclusive, limited edition blasy scarves. Select natural fibres and water-soluble colours lend the foulards a noble purity and a comforting extravagance. Woven and printed in Germany and Italy, each blasy foulard is deftly and delicately rolled and stitched by hand in Switzerland.

Since 2011, the foulard’s sleek architectural lines, bold shapes, and luxuriant hues have become distinctive hallmarks for exceptional styling.

The line that we are glad to present in Geschwisterliebe is part of the „Japan Collection“ and it is called Sejima.

Three pieces, three foulards in wool, that are inspired from the work of the Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima for the apartment housing in Gifu, Japan.

The printed graphics play on permeability and layers punctures and subverts the Gifu housing block’s monumentality, its façade melding into texture on a grand scale.

In the dominant of green, red and grey, Blasy is inspired to create colorful blanket scarfs.


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