Are you living downtown but you always wait for the weekend for escaping into the forest? Are your favorite activities camping in the middle of nowhere, making the fire by yourself and trying to socialize with bears and wolfs like a gentle Revenant of our time?

Then you should love our new brand in store!

Penfield is the top outdoor clothing brand, that was established in Hudson, Massachusetts, in 1975 by Harvey Gross, a New England native, pioneer in the American outwear industry, who recognized immediately the efficace of high quality down filled garments.

But, even at the beginning the clothes were thought to face the harsh lands of the North America, Gross didn’t forget to give them over the years a „fashion touch“: so Penfield became one of the market leaders at producing high quality outerwear embodying the stylish ‚New England‘ aesthetic.

Since then, high-profile collaborations, innovative fabric developments together with an unfaltering commitment to quality, practicality, durability, function and style have all caught the attention of the top retailers across the globe such as Barneys and Saks.

Today, Penfield garments are still designed by people who know and love the outdoors. They are designed to stand up to the demands of different kind of climate, yet are equally at home sheltering you from the storm anywhere wind blows or rain falls! Penfield is now in Geschwisterliebe and always designed… For Enjoy the Life in the Open!

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