Winter is not snowy anymore, neither so cold. Weather is changing, there are no more middle seasons – as the grandma says!

But even moving beyond clichés, what we are sure is not changing so far are the long and rainy days along all the years.

There is nothing to do, you can love or hate it, but from Italy to Finland, the rain is still the only common thread despite the latitudes.

So, better enjoy it. How? But with the perfect outfit, of course!

It’s no coincidence the name of the Danish company RAINS, a unisex brand that in a short time has reached the top of the rainwear market. Its concept is really basic and simple: creating new, original versions of the classic waterproof jacket. The mission: make this rain jacket able to answer to more life styles and situations as possible, to not let the rain stop you anymore.

So with a lighthouse as symbol for the brand, RAINS proposes functional and modern trenches, parkas and ponchos strictly drop repellent, for women and men, in the basic colors of black, green, blue and YELLOW!

Merging fashionable cuts and silhouettes with technically-savvy materials, RAINS recently began diversifying into the areas of waterproof pants and accessories, like weightless backpacks and traveling backs with water resistant zippers, too.

With RAINS also the cloudy, rainy day become an exciting time… A time for going out and have fun, always being cool.

In Geschwisterliebe we are fan of this easygoing Danish brand, come to discover with us the different RAINS products or, as well,  have a look on our online shop… The rain won’t be a problem anymore!




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