Geschwisterliebe is all in what its name says. Geschwisterliebe is a Tribe of young and creative people, which is coming together enjoying a common love for fashion and for everything is involved in the new generations lifestyle.

Music, art, sport, glamour & nightlife:

these are the ingredients we want to to share in the tribe, as melting-pot of experiences and inspirations. This tribe is you as our customers and friends, this tribe is us.

For that we are so proud to discover that the STUTTGARTER-ZEITUNG.DE dedicates an article about one member of our team!

This time is an interview to NADMI MOUEHLI, our „good giant“ that beside be part of Geschwisterliebe since 3 years ago, is also well known here in Stuttgart for his work as Selector in two of the most popular club of the city: at Bar Romantica before, and since few months ago at the Kowalski.

With his acute power of observation and his ability for catching nice stories, Nadmi reveals to us the funniest stories of his nightlife experience, the sketches and the characters that he has to face every weekend, never loosing his famous aplomb!

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