As second guest of our project “Geschwisterliebe meets Art”, we are glad to introduce you the twenty-four years old Rabia Cimen, fashion designer who shows her work in our store now.

CI W EN, her brand, is a dramatic melting-pot of Western and Eastern aesthetics, as well as the city of London, where she lived for a certain time and from where she got many of her inspirations.

How soon is now, the name of the collection, is a research around the themes of identity, youth and globalization. Rabia Cimen seems to concretize, with colors and fabrics, a simple question: “I´m walking, so many smells touching my nose. So like what does it smell?”

This collection is composed of a set of oversized and multi-layers outfits with a basic palette of colors (red, black and white), which empathizes the original and deconstructed shapes of the culottes, blazers and ponchos.

The next in fashion is already here, in Geschwisterliebe. Come and discover our special CI W EN´s window!


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