North Hill

North Hill is a clothing label from the North of Paris.
The 3 Founders – Christophe, Michael and Zihad – settled in Montmartre, inspired by the vibe in this area of artists and rebels.
They founded North Hill because they share Montmartre’s values of liberty and humanism.
They created around this spirit a truthful brand, for people like us.
100% self-taught, they imagine and design their collections in their own workshop.
The clothing, entirely made in Paris, is sold at a fair price which respects the customer as well as the manufacturer.

The creations evoke the mixed northern neighborhood of Paris, and also honor artists, activists and freedom seekers from all over the world. They will give you more than fabric. They did put their vision, their beliefs in the clothing and this transcribes through unique and authentic pieces, with unmistakable style.

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