Tolu & Hiklac

It has been 13 years now since Geschwisterliebe first opened its doors at the old location on ‚Alte Postr. 5‘. Since then we tried our best to bring you extraordinary styles and exciting fashion-labels to Stuttgart.
In 2017 we wanted to go one step further by creating and designing our first own collection!
It’s called TOLU & HIKLAC.

The idea behind it is to create unique clothes in contrast to the growing number of international brands and stores that are available everywhere online and on the high street areas. We also wanted to design what we love, want to wear ourselves without having to wait a season until it gets delivered to the stores or might never made it there, because production minimums didn’t get achieved. At last it was just fun to transfer all those imressions we get on fashion fairs worldwide, on the streets in cities like tokyo, london, berlin and copenhagen all together with our own interpretation into something new – our own combination and mix of self-created styles and clothes. So all designs were made by us and were produced nearby in Reutlingen.

The name actually came from the owners‘ two 4 year old daughters Sam and Joe- Tolu & Hiklac are their fictional friends which they make parties with, share their stories and of course THEY do all the mess in the house and use the parents stuff Sam and Joe were not allowed to take..After thinking about a name, we decided, THAT phantasy name can be easily used for all the different ideas we have in our mind, carry our stories and will fit well to a collection with asian influences as well to one with african, scandinavian or even goth background.

And now – it’s all ready now to hit the streets-
So we want to invite you to have a look,

Tolu & Hiklac

available now !

In store only..

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