Geschwisterliebe Meets Art – Georg Hendricks

Our Project ‚Geschwisterliebe meets art‚ is now presenting the works of young artist Georg Hendricks.

Georg Hendricks is originally from Konstanz and early recognized  his passion for painting.

Now at just the age of 17 and just having finished school, he already has a remarkable skill and passion for drawing and painting.

His works include abstract Paintings like ‚Wegbegleiter‘ , ‚Durchgänge‘ and  ‚Sommerregen‘ , as well as more figurative and representational ones like ‚Das Unbekannte‘ and ‚Nebel‘. Also some Paintings are just in black and white, for some he used many bright colors.

His works are mostly in acryl colors and on canvas and paper – and he likes to paint big ! so most of his paintings are in sizes of 100 x 70 cm.

At the moment he totally commits his time to making art, so we are sure to see and hear more of this young, gifted artist in the future..!

We are inviting you to come and see his paintings in our shop window as well as inside the boutique.

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