<< There so much bad stuff going on in the world right now, so here is our ironic take on the “struggles” that some of us lucky ones have to face.

Autumn 16 aims to expose ‘first world problem’ negativity by poking fun and trivialising many of the things that we find ourselves complaining about… but actually mean nothing in comparison to somebody else’s very real social, economic or political problem.

We think it is important for people to fight for the issues that they believe in. If we only we spent more doing this, than complaining about no wifi. >>

The Ragged Priest presents its new A/W collection 16, titled IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD (watch the video here), pointing out in its irreverent and easy-going way the most superficial side of our society.

Thus, in the Ragged Priest’s provocative vision, our young riot girls would take to the streets and manifest for blamable, no-sense reasons such as „Everything is actually going OK„, „Starbucks spelt my name wrong„, „My followers are down„, „Whatever„.

A sarcastic view on our generation and the fashion role on it. The Ragged Priest still keeps is characteristic anarchic nature, developing a collection which is a product of our time and, meanwhile, makes fun of it.

The Ragged Priest produces clothes that are ideal to give our daily wear a boost. The brand, born in 2007 in Essex – and especially in Southend – is used to harden up to the stereotype pretty quickly and even start enjoying it!

Style is considered as something very personal, which everyone has to feel as much comfortable as possible. A unique sense of style that can come from anywhere, but is massively influenced by the street wear: We don’t do trends as such, we do street culture“, is the key concept of the brand.

The new A/W ’16 collection – which you can find in Geschwisterliebe – includes pieces like: pink leather jacket, black jeans jacket with a punk soul, anti-conformist girlish shining dresses, and much more.

… Are you ready to claim your fashion rights?



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