End of August, and of the summer. But beside all the sadness for another upcoming Autumn, we still have some reasons to look forward and keep smiling…

As usual when the sun is not anymore so strong and the cold weather is starting to knock at our windows, the new Fashion arrivals can make us happy to wear finally new cool outfits instead of shorts and havaianas!

In Geschwisterliebe we’re welcoming now a new fashion brand for him, that we’ve just discovered in that land of designers and style that is Copenhagen.


borns from the synergy between timeless Scandinavian design and meticulous attention to unique and high quality fabric choices. It takes inspiration from traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship, classic designs
and the local culture, with a eye  to the Scandinavian lifestyle and philosophy.

Founded by Morten Hvidtsted in 2014, Native North is based in Nørrebro,
Copenhagen where both the head office and showroom are still situated.

The brand has a wide range of different types of clothing, including eyewear, headwear, outerwear, shirts and much more.

Now in Geschwisterliebe you can find some of the Native North best pieces for the Autumn / Winter 2016, don’t miss it!


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