Geschwisterliebe meets… OT

Two is better then one… especially if we are speaking about the two original designers are exposing in the Geschwisterliebe’s windows at the moment, simoultaneously.

We already wrote about Marina Doroschkov and her glamorous „upcycling“ of bomber jackets and straws. This time we want to go ahead toward a possible dialogue between art and fashion, placing next to her the work of another fashion artist from Stuttgart: Ot.

„Ot“ is a FASHION & ART project, where the street inspirations meet the fashion creation, where the visual art goes together with the production of clothes. Ot is actually Orkan Tan (1993), a young man grown up in Geislingen with Turkish roots who moved to Stuttgart a couple of years ago. Since then Orkan Tan is dedicating all his work to the research of the perfect agreement between fashion and art.

The exhibition created for ‚Geschwisterliebe meets Art‚ is the selection of 6 of the 30 drawings he realized next to his last fashion collection, „MUSE„.

As he says about it: „This collection is about ART. It’s kind of a reflection of myself, from my visions, emotions and my fears. I like hard contrasts between everything, that why I choose pink and black. Because it’s a big difference between these colours. This collection should let you feel BOSSY, BADASS, RAW and TOUGH“.

His work during the last years developed through different phases, like pieces of a puzzle that involves several emotions, essential feelings  for feeding his art: truth, chaos, fears, addiction, love and trust.

A complex personality, the one of Ot, expressed for Geschwisterliebe through raw, black&white, expressive drawings which are an indivisible reflex of his own fashion collection, here in dialogue with the clothes of Marina Doroschkov.

Come and check it out in Geschwisterliebe!


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