Geschwisterliebe meets… „DO NOT DRINK“ by MARINA DOROSCHKOV

A new guest is now presenting her own work in the windows of Geschwisterliebe… Another young designer, a different and original point of view on the ‚ fashion issue ‚ characterized by an extravagant sense of tailoring combined with the pop culture and the re-cycling idea.

Marina Doroschkov is a fashion student attending the 6th semester of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart. 25 years old, with russian origins but grown up in the „Kessel“, she seems having really clear what fashion can mean nowadays.

She has realized her project „DO NOT DRINK“ starting from the idea of the „Upcycling„: today, consciously or not, we produce a high quantity of waste materials and just a small part of them can be easily re-integrated in the bio-system. What we can do then of all the rest? A useful solution then could be trying to find a way to re-use them: this is the starting point of Marina, that realized a hyper glamorous solution to re-cycling an object as the plastic straws.

Yes, exactly. Those straws we use for drinking our cocktails on the weekend, for the cola we probably had just before and for the cappuccino take away we will grab later at the café!

So Marina, with a long work experience in clubs and bars, started to imagine – with a certain amount of creativity, we can admit! – in which way this simple, common item could become something new, upgrading its nature in a „fashion object“.

The starting point of this project, born inside the class of „Fashion and Future“ at the Akademie, was the testing of the incurred straws on the textiles properties, discovering how that can transform both the straws and the textiles in attractive surfaces, with a shining Disco allure.

And the result is surprising. It is something that you have to see with your eyes to believe.

The reference imagery is the one of the nightlife, with its colors and materials, its provocations and divertissements. During the night people are more open to experiment with their outfit and wear something will allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Doroschkov realized three bomber jackets, mixing their black original fabrics with colorful, strong-colored, shrill plastic straws. Each of them has its own design, corresponding to a specific idea:

Outfit 1 // WILD _ the straws are in a pearly form threaded into the fabric

Outfit 2 // DANGER _ the straws are applied in a rivet-like shape on the knitted fabric

Outfit 3 // POWER  _ the straws have a sequin-like shape and they are entrapped in the textile surface.

The final result? Loud and Flashy – DISCO. Seeing is believing!



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