A New Fashion Brand in Stuttgart >> Engelberg Sefko

A new fashion brand is born in Stuttgart, a start-up which producing clothes and accessories for men.

Its name is Engelberg Sefko, and beyond it there are the inventive and the creativity of two fashion designers: Sefa Akdag and Branko Arandjelovic.

The first collection, now in Geschwisterliebe, sets 9 products in limited edition, that is possible to wear for all the year long.

The pieces are characterized by classic, pure and clean cuts, played in different natural colors like white, green, grey and black.  All the materials are from Germany, as well as the design, the montage and production come from the handcrafted work of the Engelberg’s engineers team in Stuttgart.

Their style is the result of different inspirations, from the understated elegance of the 50s to some middle-oriental echoes:

t-shirts with a structured material and large, short sleeves; trousers with a classical cut that fall wide and comfortable; minimal sweatshirts in the colors of black or olive. The style coming out from the ensemble of the collection is a sort of discreet bourgeoisie charm, with its balance of precious details and casual wearing.

The philosophy of the brand is a sort of „culture of the smile“; as you can read in the etiquette, they state:

“ This clothing is priceless when worn with a smile“.


Fotos by Robin Halford


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