Life is a collection of moments. When we look back at our life, we only see those moments worth to be remembered. Whether we see endless summer nights, city lights, love, hate, heart breaks, whether with the ones we care about, or all by ourselves we can still feel the moment.

We feel, the wind on our skin, the heat of the sun, the raindrops, we smell the city, the air, the grass, hear the sound, the voices of the people, the cars the ocean, the music, see the faces, the colors. It is all there all in slow motion.

For a blink of an eye it becomes real. We are right there again. We can relive every single moment we want to down to the smallest detail.

The Cartwheel Project manufactures clothing exactly for these moments. We use finest materials and go for simple and timeless design.

Every one of our highly exclusive garments is limited to a small quantity each representing one of these special moments worth to be remembered.

Once you wear the shirt you are right there back in that moment. You can feel the moment with all of your senses. It becomes real. Wear the shirt, feel the moment!“


Words of Steven Wommack, the young art director of the brand, that just few years agoi, in the February 2011, inspired by his sister and a friend, started his own business from the simple will to print his own t-shirt. After 2 weeks, he got his own first T-Shirts in Stuttgart. That was the first stone of the brand which uses, as its own slogan, the words: „SO PROUD“.

And for sure Wommack has a lot of reasons to be proud: since then, the Cartwheel Project grown up more and more in a complete brand of street fashion, from the graceful Stuttgart, becoming very popular for the younger geenrations in the city and not only.

For this summer the brand proposes a 2 pieces jumpsuite (sweatshirt and trousers) in dark blue with contrasting logo and details in white, for both men and women.

Sport, casual & chic… perfect for every moment, as well as for every memories you will love to keep with you.



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