Mareike Herrmann is a fashion designer who originally comes from the area of ​​Nuremberg and
currently studying at the School of Design in Pforzheim.

Her work takes inspiration from different fields such as modern art, architecture and science, as well as the visualization of various time conceptual currents.
The cutting-edge alliance between Fashion & Technology, that in the last years is becoming more and more a focusing point for a wide range of design researches, finds in Herrmann pieces a new, young and promising exponent.

The collection << Faceless >> presented in Geschwisterliebe, is the result of her 6th semester project under the topic theme „Disruption“.
The starting point is the concept of the „Medio sphere“: our lives, our everyday life and our lifestyle
are determined by internet and social media. Data, events and experiences are stored electronically, published and easily accessible to everyone.
For this reason, the greatest vulnerability of our Age is the Net. To the other hand, the main control is reached by all those have the ability to manipulate and acting on these data.

The << Faceless >> collection deals with the issue of hacking, breaking and the failure of this „Medio sphere“.

The result is a self-confident and hybrid men’s collection, inspired by the first hackers of the 80s – 90s as well as by the current hacker movements (as Anonymous), and also by a new form of  „Place Hacking“ or „Urban Exploring„.


Is the symbiosis of classic workwear elements and
modern, futuristic sportswear concepts.

Following the idea of „being hacked“, Herrmann mixes forms of workwear with parts of casual and sportswear look.
Thus, for example, elements of a classic men’s undershirt are hacked in a sweatshirt,
and a classic pinstripe trousers get more variability and flexibility by
elastic waistbands.
Details remember the cabling and the networking of servers, belts look like chopped
cables within an electronic system.
Outlining the collection in three points, they would be: Masculine silhouettes / dynamics / mobility.


The fabric comprises a symbiosis of high-tech fibers and classic, high-quality
materials with elements of low-fashion, too.

Cable’s are woven through leather, forming a kind of new knitting/weave pattern. A reinterpretation of the needle strip is produced by a shiny high-tech material, glued onto black fabric.
Velvet is associated with outdoor fabric, super elastic jersey is combined together with stiff leather.


One of the most interesting piece of this collection is the pullover realized like an original Glitch Art‘ piece.
The unusual knit pattern is obtained by hacking an electronic knitting machine.
As in the characteristic method of this new digital art, the pattern is distorted by hacking the machine, which produces visually distorted forms.

The colors of the collection are predominantly black. The little
emerging blue recalls the brilliant blue of the monitors in contrast to
the  darkened rooms where the hacker actions take place.

*** From Saturday 25th June come in Geschwisterliebe to discover the new forms of the Digital Fashion by Mareike Herrmann ***

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